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    Jack Ross on abandonment 

    Saturday, January 16, 2016 5:01:22 PM
    Jack Ross after abandonment of Morton game
    I think it is human nature when you are winning that you are disappointed if the game have to be abandoned, I was a wee bit disappointed in the manner in which it was done, having the initial conversation which was great, and thereafter I think the decision to abandon the game without having a further conversation was strange. Listen I’ve had a sensible conversation with match referee Alan Muir, I have time for him as an individual, he has explained his reasoning, I disagree with a couple of them, some of them because the team were winning, some of them I just didn’t agree with anyway but there is nothing I can do about it now, so we must take from the game another huge amount of belief, because we were winning the game, deservedly so, giving us more motivation to drive us on again, so it wasn’t a completely fruitless day in that aspect but it could have been a lot better of course.
    I have tried to work hard on getting the players onside, you can have as many ideas, ideology’s whatever people might call them but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your players onside so we have worked hard at trying to get them enjoying training and being part of what we are trying to do and they have responded brilliantly, their effort levels and their work rate, we have good players, and it’s about installing this continued belief in them but I still think there is more to come from them but we are getting there and today was another step in the right direction and I think they will go home and reflect on that and say, you know what we are moving forward again.
    The first conversation with the referee, he indicated that there was potential for the game not to finish, the snow was falling quiet heavily and it was more about seeing the lines, obviously we cleared the lines but you were maybe getting ten minutes out of them and they were needing cleared again, my argument is that we could keep doing that until the game had finished, I can understand part of it. I quite like the NFL and watched Minnesota play in minus 31 in the wind chill, I don’t know what is happened to us we have went a bit soft in terms what we do with football. Of course I’m going to argue the game should continue that’s natural to do so, I thought once you got past a certain point in the game towards 70 minutes when that happens if you have gone that far you should really should finish.
    I felt for Michael Duffy finally getting his goal and it will now not count, I still think it should count but again for him great belief he has now gone and scored that goal but unfortunately it will be erased from the record books because of the abandonment, I said he would get between 6 - 10 goals before the end of this season and that one should have been one of them towards that total but if he goes and scores five, I would certainly give him today’s on top. I can equally understand how I would have felt in Morton’s position and would probably have argued for it to be called off that’s the difficult predicament the referee finds himself within.
    Jack Ross

    Managers Corner