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    Danny Lennon at Dumfries 

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015 2:58:58 AM

    Firstly, I have to say that I deeply admire and am very proud of the players in my dressing room. We are part time club in a full time league and these guys go to their work everyday from 9 until 5 or longer then they have to come and train twice a week as well. They give me absolutely everything they have and are as honest as the day is long. For us to then go to Queens and lose the goals that we did, was very uncharacteristic of us. The three goals were very poor ones from our point of view and at 3-0 down it looks like we are getting a doing, but we actually created more chances than them in the first half. I can’t take anything away from Queens overall though because they deserved their win over the piece. It is still disappointing to lose in the manner we did, but it is a learning curve for us, basic errors have cost us and we must learn quickly from those. I got a great reaction in the second half and I will ask for the same this coming week. I have to give big plaudits to Queens and especially Derek Lyle. If there are any young boys watching the Championship and aspiring to learn the game then I suggest they watch him. He gives you everything, has pace, links the play well and scores goals and I thought he was excellent. He uses his intelligence against Dougie [Hill] for the first goal, and maybe it could have been a foul, but we have to be stronger in those scenarios. In the second half, we had a great start and brilliant reaction from all the lads. We got the goal back from Flannigan and had a lot of the ball in and around their box, but our efforts on goal fizzled out. We must collectively learn from the mistakes because we win and lose as a team. We will dust ourselves down and be ready to go on Sunday.

    Danny Lennon

    Managers Corner