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    Barry Smith at Falkirk Stadium 

    Saturday, January 03, 2015 2:43:52 PM

    Sad at not getting anything from today’s game but we try to be as positive because we are creating chances, we have played well, but we said the same last week, where we thought we should have won the game, and we cannot keep dropping points – although we did play well, we need to start picking points up it’s as simple as that. Our two strikers have did brilliantly for us this season, Spencey and Buchanan and we can add in Kevin Cawley as well, but we will be trying to add to the squad, but our strikers are getting into the positions, if they weren’t getting into the positions and creating chances I would be worried, so hopefully it will turn again, sooner rather than later. We need to start grinding our results, and again today it was a mistake from us that cost us the goal. Other than that, we think that we have played well in the game, but playing well doesn’t get you three points. Yes, we will pick all the positives, we think that we did play well but we do have to start taking the chances when they come along, when they do and I’m sure we will, the quality in this team will win games.

    Next week’s game against Rangers is a completely different game, with a new manager coming in, but the one thing for our players is the confidence they can take from previous results we have against them this season, but it will be an extremely difficult game and one will not be taking lightly and we will have to do all the good things we did and one of the biggest things was the way we defended against Rangers, which we did very well and we will need to do that again next week if we are to get a result.

    Barry Smith

    Managers Corner