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    Barry Smith after Sons defeat 

    Sunday, December 07, 2014 11:54:48 AM

    A very frustrating afternoon, very frustrating, we conceded a soft goal, we created chances but maybe Wednesday night’s game took its toll on some of our players, it wasn’t a normal and energetic display as I would have liked. We still created chances but it was a day when nothing looked like going in the back of the net, Stephen Simmons shot which came back out from hitting the inside of the post and never went in, if it has went in the back of the net it was a different game, but it was one of these days, it’s disappointing but this game was always going to be difficult, we Dumbarton are a stuffy team to play against but we know we can do better. Here was an incident around the half hour when there were claims for a penalty but I don’t know, I didn’t see it too well. I still do not know why I was sent to the stand, I still don’t know, all I can say was that it wasn’t for foul or abusive language and it was all said in a calm manner, because I have spoke to the referee in a calm manner , it wasn’t for foul and abusive language I’m not sure?

    We have to remember that Stephen Simmons, has been off ill all week, Liam Buchanan suffered mild concussion after the Rangers game on Wednesday and he hasn’t been feeling well since then and Mark Docherty has been ill but played today, Eddie Ferns has been ill was playing, so the boys gave it their all, I would never fault their effort because I still thought they worked extremely hard but hopefully come next week we can hope to have a few back and others are feeling 100% again. We have a busy and tough schedule over the festive period, but these are games we look to go out and enjoy.

    Barry Smith

    Managers Corner